Getting in the mood

For better or worse, I’m getting into the mood of my upcoming vacation (or holiday, for the rest of you).    What I mean by this statement is that I suddenly want to sleep all night, my tolerance for work ‘issues’ has plummeted and I’m focused on the future rather than right now.

EJ, his mom and I will be headed off to Europe in 4 days. (Yippee!!)

The route (more or less)

The route (more or less)

We have a whirlwind adventure starting in Berlin, training to Warsaw, then to Krakow, on to Prague and leaving out of Frankfurt.  The idea came from EJ’s strong Polish roots and his love for history.  It extended to include some other key cities and his mother; who’s 100% American born Polish, who has never been to Poland. It’ll be pretty fun traveling with her.

Now that flights, trains & buses are booked (thanks to many points) – I’m trying to expect nothing.   I found out a long time ago that going into vacations with high or particular expectations just leaves me wanting and it has prevented me from taking full advantage of the moment.  (Insert ‘failure’ music here).

So we have maybe a few things that we’d like to experience when we’re there – but nothing’s set in stone.  Instead, I’m looking forward to making new memories and just enjoying being around people that I love.

I think that one of things I’m really looking forward to is really not having much of an agenda…  that’ll be nice!

What do you most look forward to while on vacation?