Visualizing being Relaxed

The finish line has been crossed.  The cabin doors are closed, the phone is off and I’m on my way!

The last few days have been frantic as I’ve worked mad hours at work, try to organize my home life and entertain my mother-in-law that just flew in from Hawaii.

And so I sit here on the plane struggling to relax and let go.  I’ve been keyed up for too long and haven’t practiced any self-care.  Funny thing is, I often conduct workshops on how to relax, reduce stress, etc.  and I always include a segment of visualization.IMG_1780

Come along on my vacation mental visions as I attempt to reduce my anxiousness and get me in the mood for vacation.

  • Sitting someplace new and holding hands with my husband.
  • Lounging in a café, casually sipping warm coffee watching other people pass by.
  • Smiling, laughing and getting to know my mother-in-law better.
  • Kicking up my tired feet to read a book.
  • Waking up and stretching in a big bed and know that I don’t have to get up just yet.
  • The sound of clinking glasses while we toast to a day well spent.
  • The toothy grins that spreads across faces when two people that don’t speak the same language understand each other.
  • Smelling good food but having no idea what going to be served.

And with that, I’m ‘there’… a more relaxed state… yeah!

Oh, and now that I’m in between flights, enjoying a glass of wine in the lounge… everything just got better!  Here we come Germany, Poland & Czech!

lounge wine

Do you do anything to help you switch from ‘real’ life to vacation mode?