Runner’s High

  • 1 – “You go, girl!”

    Kalakili Hwy - where I got my beeps

    Kahekili Hwy – where I got my beeps

  • 1 – “Looking good!”
  • 2 – Friendly beeps

Yep, that’s enough to make any girl feel good during her run.

Now mind you, this was a short 3.5 mile run.  And mile for mile, that’s a lot of positive reinforcement.  The comments weren’t from guys either – they were from one little old lady walking and another little old lady pulling weeds.

Now before you start thinking that I’ve got one of those itty-bitty runner’s body, know that my body fluctuates between “I just discovered the wonders of beer” and “I’m gonna beat you up (and your little dog, too!)”… so the likelihood of getting beeps are not for my body.

Should you, too, want to experience a good ego boost – hop on the plane to Hawaii and run on the slower side of the island!

Fresh eggs - on the honor system!

Fresh eggs – on the honor system!