Walk of Shame (Halloween Style)

We’ve all done the walk of shame at one point or another in our lives.  We partied too much the night before, slept somewhere and either needed to walk or cab it back home.

Sometimes, for those of us sitting and drinking our coffee on a Sunday morning – it’s not always clear who’s doing the walk of shame… Obviously, the girl clutching her 4 inch heels from the night before is guilty… but since this is California – sometimes there aren’t any tell-tale signs.

Not the day after Halloween!

This weekend, I was up in San Francisco to visit a friend.  More on that trip for my next post – as I wanted to be timely about sharing how you can’t hide the fact that you didn’t make it home last night if you’re still walking around in your Halloween costume at 8am on Sunday.

It all started when we hopped into our Uber ride (UberPool)… and there was an Asian guy in the front seat dressed as an American Indian.  When I slyly said, “So… how was your Halloween?”  We got a fun story about pub crawls, house parties and waking up in a girl’s apartment with a dead phone.

This started the “Walk of Shame” spotting.  By 11 am we had seen:

  • A Christmas Elf,
  • the Travelocity gnome,
  • Captain America still clutching to an alley wall, with his friendly cop (in short shorts) helping him home and
  • Robin Hood

Needless to say – it was pretty entertaining and then I busted up laughing when I saw the below sign walking down Fillmore Street!  🙂

 Hope that you all had a safe and fun Halloween!!