San Fransisco for Halloween

Originally, I was supposed to be up in San Fransisco last week for another 1/2 marathon.  Long story short – It didn’t happen.

But that’s ok!  SF has so much to offer that it doesn’t matter that I didn’t sweat up and down Mt. Tam for 2+ hours!IMG_0064

I arrived late afternoon on Friday and after a little more work (I love that my best girlfriend is also an overachiever) – we headed out for FOOD.

She took me out to “off the grid” at Fort Mason – basically a food truck festival!  Yum, yum, yum.  Everything and nothing for dinner – and beer & wine.  All in one night we had Mexican, Burmese, Argentinian and Chinese.  Ahhhhh…. bliss!

The next day (after missing the race), we headed off to hot yoga as a replacement, grabbed brunch and napped.  I know – not much action there.  But that was because we were resting up for Halloween.  When you’re over 40 – you need to rest up for these things!!

We didn’t have much of a plan, but we had wigs and tickets to GhostShip.  Let’s see – artsy town, warehouse, installation art… very burning-man-like…. put plainly – I probably would have had an excellent night if I was tripping, but instead I had a great night with a few cocktails.  The art was very cool and the people watching was wonderful.  Yes, I stayed out past 1am… IMG_0097IMG_0088

The next morning – our internal clocks still working, we slept in until about 6.30am and headed out for Chinese.  We laughed about the the night before – and laughed even harder when we saw people walking home still in their costumes.  Those days are behind us – but it’s still fun to watch!IMG_0074

Ahhhhh…. SF – what a city.  I can’t wait to go back (but am looking forward to the warm waters of Florida next week!)

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!