Looking towards the end of the year…

IMG_0122I’m sitting here on the plane and have found that there’s no wi-fi. Sigh….

I’m not in a terrible interesting book right now, which means for the last 30 minutes or so I’ve been looking out the window, watching the colors of the Gulf of Mexico change as the sun sets and thinking about this year.

It’s not the end of the year, and yet, I’m already starting to ‘tally’. In terms of travel, this year has been interesting. Due to the new job – I’ve traveled a lot less than normal for work and pleasure – but my stays have been longer. Also, my work travel has taken me to much more different locations. I can’t say that I’ve ever been to Florida four times in one year… ever.

On the personal front, we decided that we would forego typical long trips, and planned shorter weekend trips. Again, because I was new to my job – we thought this might be the best bet to fit into my work. The problem is that I can’t think of one place ‘new’ that we went to. I can’t say that I didn’t have fun going to Hawaii, Catalina, Key West and all the other places… EJ and I always have a wonderful time when we travel together.

And so I’m really glad that we’ve got Thanksgiving and the end of the year planned in style. I’m yearning for a ‘real’ vacation where I’m not trying to pack in as much stuff as possible in 3 days.

Thanksgiving: We’re going back to Sedona, AZ. Yes, it’s really only a 4 day vacation – but it’ll be great. My mom (and the dog) will be coming along and it’ll be a weekend of mountain biking, hiking, sleeping in and good eating.

End of Year: Paris, France. We’re taking off for a full week for Paris. It’ll be great. I’m looking forward to the food, wine, walking around and just relaxing for a full week.

So no, I didn’t do all of my typical wonderful trips this year. I still consider myself lucky…. After all, even though I’m headed out to Florida for work – it turns out that one of my best friends is working on the east coast for 2 weeks and can fly down to meet up with me so that we can make it a weekend. Diving in the keys can’t be all that bad… and if the weather is bad, I’m sure we can find a place that sells rummy drinks.