How Big Fish stories start…

Big Fish Stories = 1 Knife Guy + 1 scared animal + Imagination

Location: Dive boat, somewhere between shore & dive spot. Gorgeous 80+F, small clouds and light breeze

MF & I are getting our dive gear on when I nudge her.

  • Me:  Hey!  Note the guy with the big ass knife strapped to his leg.
  • MF:  OMG.  The straps are fluorescent yellow, you can’t miss it.  What the hell do you need a knife that big for here?  There’s no kelp or fishing lines here…We’re all just tourists here…
  • Me:  I hope that we’re not in his group…  he just looks a little unpredictable.

Later, in the water.

Guide points to sharks…  Divers start to corner the shark.  Shark is  scared out of it wits and quickly swims away, only to head right into Knife Guy… again, quickly corrects course and gets the hell out a scary situation.  (Imagine if you were cruising along and got cornered by a bunch of ‘things’ wearing heavy gear and blowing bubbles!)

Back up top.

  • Knife Guy (KG): OMG!  Did you see that shark come right to me?  He was a Bull Shark!  It must have been 13 feet!
  • Guide: Actually, it was nurse shark.  I think it was more like 4.5 feet.
  • KG: He came right to me.  Charged me!
  • Guide:  It looked like it was trying to get away fast, yes.
  • KG:  I could have rode that shark!  This has been the best dive ever!!  (And then he pulls on a t-shirt with pictures of different sharks and their names)
  • MF quietly to me:  Note the shirt… and that it’s another 30 minutes back to shore and he’s leaving the knife on his calf.
  • Me:  Oh, you know that by tonight, and after a few drinks, that it’ll he be back to riding a 13 ft bull shark.
  • MF: Absolutely…  That would be funny to watch.

Props to all the guides that have to bite their tongues and be nice (yet, informative) when big fish stories are spun!!


Just a spotted eel.  No pictures captured of the offended shark!