Lines & Love

Masses of people. Sore feet. Moving at a snail’s pace. Waiting. Coldness that seeps through your jacket.  Pins and needles in your toes.

Laughter. Hot coca. Spending time together with nowhere to be. Dreaming of tomorrow. Warming up by hugging. That’s what a lot of our Paris vacation was like.

I guess cognitively I expected the lines everywhere we went. From Notre Dame to the Louvre, I expected lines…. In reason… something like: 15-30 minutes. I had no idea what to expect. There were people everywhere. Clearly, Paris is still the place to go in the winter. (As the person that avoid the splendors of Disneyland for the lines… I don’t want to imagine what it’d be like in the summer.)

We got to Notre Dame at opening and stood in line for 2.5 hours… Cold, moving slowly… But we warmed ourselves up with hot drinks and good conversation. It’s not often that EJ and I don’t have something to attend to, some text or email to respond to, some place that we have to rush off to next.  Essentially distracted from being together.

  Instead, we chatted, giggled, talked and really connected. It was nice. I wish we did it more often. And as we cross the Atlantic to had back to real life… I hope that we continue to make more effort to be together – uninterrupted.

Life is grand when your standing in line with your love!

hordes of people at the Mona Lisa

more people at Versailles