I love French food!


our jet-lagged meal turned out to be great

This is the first vacation I’ve ever been on where I had 1 so-so meal… Ah, Paris!

I’ll admit it. Usually I go to places for the sights. The outside activities. The national monuments or seeing friends. This is the first vacation that I was mentally set for all those things, but ended up embracing and enjoying the food the most.

 I know nothing about French food. Foie gras, pate and veal I’ve always had issues with – so I really didn’t have high expectations. (Note: my expectations on the wines did not disappoint.)

Our first meal was in a jet lagged stupor in a part of town that only locals live. With maybe three words of French I between EJ and I, and no idea how to read the menu – we pointed on the menu to an unknown entrée and hoped for the best. From that first bite, I wasn’t disappointed.

 There was warm coffees, baked goodness and succulent meats to be had… And all with a great glass of wine to wash it all down. Don’t get me wrong, every time I go back to Thailand it’s a gastronomical event… But not EVERY meal is superb.

In fact, I’m thinking that it may have inspired me to cook a little better at home. Maybe I can find a French cookbook that will inspire me. Simple foods. Real foods. I think i can focus on that for the new year.

Finding the time and inspiration… That will be my hurdle to overcome.