The Tomboy

Eating my way through Hawai’i (2013)

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I’m Quan. I’d say that I’m on the road at least every few weeks for work and and fun.  In the process, I get exposed to a lot of funny, weird and (occasionally) moving thoughts about travel that are bursting from my head.

I’ve been traveling since I was tiny, tiny. I’m the product of an Asian-American marriage, born in Italy and stationed around the world while my father was in the military. I think that traveling is one of the best ways to live and learn about life. (It doesn’t hurt that my husband is a history teacher and gives me the historical low-down, too.)  Moving from

EJ & I (Volcano National Park, 2014)

EJ & I (Volcano National Park, 2014)

station to station didn’t always leave me with steady playmates.  Instead – sports, getting into trouble and outside play have been my support system – thus, I’m a tomboy.

I started this blog for a few reasons. One,because I wanted to replace the moleskin travel journals that I’ve been keeping for decades. Two, because like any art, I need to work on my writing skills.  And Three, because I might get the chance to meet really cool people in the process of this blog.

Unlike some other travel blogs, I don’t have the luxury of staying in one place for that long. I dream of the day that I can do that, but for now it’s all about in & out trips (especially while working)  or the limited time that I can get away from the office.

Cambodia (2013)

Cambodia (2013)

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