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How Big Fish stories start…

Big Fish Stories = 1 Knife Guy + 1 scared animal + Imagination Location: Dive boat, somewhere between shore & dive spot. Gorgeous 80+F, small clouds and light breeze MF & I are getting… Continue reading

Islamorada Diving

Last week, I found myself in Boca Raton, FL for work.  With meetings ending on Thursday afternoon, I had the option of killing my Friday flying back home to San Diego… or killing… Continue reading

Warm Water Snorkeling

When EJ & I decided that we wanted to go to Key West for a long weekend – the first thing I did was book us on a sailboat to take us out… Continue reading

Kayaking in Mangroves

Easily put: mosquitoes. Ok, ok… It was actually a lot of fun. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t walk away without battle wounds!! After talking to a local, Key West Eco Tours was recommended… Continue reading

Walking in Miami

This last visit to Miami – I’ve been a terrible tourist. I mostly stayed in my hotel for meetings, when I went out for dinners it was always within walking distance and I… Continue reading