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I love French food!

  This is the first vacation I’ve ever been on where I had 1 so-so meal… Ah, Paris! I’ll admit it. Usually I go to places for the sights. The outside activities. The… Continue reading

Lines & Love

Masses of people. Sore feet. Moving at a snail’s pace. Waiting. Coldness that seeps through your jacket.  Pins and needles in your toes. Laughter. Hot coca. Spending time together with nowhere to be.… Continue reading

Paris Bound

  On Christmas Day, EJ and I will board a plane to France.  It’s always been a dream of mine to be in Paris for the holidays.  For someone that lives in year round… Continue reading

San Fransisco for Halloween

Originally, I was supposed to be up in San Fransisco last week for another 1/2 marathon.  Long story short – It didn’t happen. But that’s ok!  SF has so much to offer that… Continue reading

Walk of Shame (Halloween Style)

We’ve all done the walk of shame at one point or another in our lives.  We partied too much the night before, slept somewhere and either needed to walk or cab it back home.… Continue reading

Diving past my Ego & Fears

Last weekend, a girlfriend & I ran away from our normal lives and leaped into deep waters. Now that she’s up in SF, we don’t get to see each other all that often –… Continue reading

Vacation’s Resolutions

This morning, I’m sitting in the kitchen, drinking my coffee, listening to the roosters crow and the world wake up.  Things are quiet here in Ahuimanu.  No road lights, no track homes, no… Continue reading

Runner’s High

1 – “You go, girl!” 1 – “Looking good!” 2 – Friendly beeps Yep, that’s enough to make any girl feel good during her run. Now mind you, this was a short 3.5… Continue reading

Adventures with Old Friends

I know when a friendship is really TRUE when years can pass and the relationship hasn’t changed… just the situations. Last weekend, one of my best friends for my Bangkok years surfaced up… Continue reading

Traveling with Wine

Nowadays, I always carry on only.  But that’s not very conducive to bringing wine home after vineyard hopping. I learned a few lessons on this last trip to Napa/Sonoma that I wanted to… Continue reading