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Following my Gut: Germany

As many of you know, I love eating and trying new foods (there’s a reason why I work out so much!).  This is the first part of a three part series from our… Continue reading

WPC: Between Fences

On my recent trip to Germany and Poland, I realized that there were a few places that I would not want to be in between when history was being made. My first is… Continue reading

Travel Theme: Fresh Food

I always try to eat in season, even when I’m traveling.  Of course, I want to try the foods that the region is famous for – but having a fresh meal is always… Continue reading

Express train to Warsaw

I was silly to think that the Express train to Warsaw would be ‘direct’.  It’s not that I didn’t expect stops…. It’s that I was just thinking in straight lines. Look at any… Continue reading

5 Lessons by Bike: Berlin

I had always heard and read that Berlin was biking city… but I guess sometimes you have to see & experience it for it to really sink in. One of the first things… Continue reading

Jet Lagged in Berln

For some reason, I still think that I’m impervious to jet leg.  I keep believing that I can push on and that it won’t catch up to me.    How silly of a girl… Continue reading

Visualizing being Relaxed

The finish line has been crossed.  The cabin doors are closed, the phone is off and I’m on my way! The last few days have been frantic as I’ve worked mad hours at… Continue reading

Getting in the mood

For better or worse, I’m getting into the mood of my upcoming vacation (or holiday, for the rest of you).    What I mean by this statement is that I suddenly want to sleep… Continue reading