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Vacation’s Resolutions

This morning, I’m sitting in the kitchen, drinking my coffee, listening to the roosters crow and the world wake up.  Things are quiet here in Ahuimanu.  No road lights, no track homes, no… Continue reading

Runner’s High

1 – “You go, girl!” 1 – “Looking good!” 2 – Friendly beeps Yep, that’s enough to make any girl feel good during her run. Now mind you, this was a short 3.5… Continue reading

WPC: Forces of Nature – Volcano

Living in San Diego, I have many photos of the ocean… and I was convinced that big waves would be my topic for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge. But then I came across… Continue reading

Back to Reality

I’m sitting on the plane, waiting to leave Hawaii. Tomorrow is the first day back to reality, first day back in the office, the first day of a whole New Year. I’m filled… Continue reading

Recharged! And ready for 2015

What I wanted most from my vacation in Hawaii, I have today just accomplished.  To feel like myself again.  I really wanted to get in some good sleep, restart a running routine, eat… Continue reading

Where (exactly) is home?

Home is not the place that I grew up or played in the driveway. It’s not even where my immediate family resides. It’s the place where all these things are true for my… Continue reading

Walking on the Moon – Volcano National Park

Descending from lush green rainforest to a lunar landscape within a half an hour is a trip and completely doable at Volcano National Park in Hawaii. EJ and I are fortunate to have… Continue reading

Sirens of Hawai’i

I’d like to say that this a post about beautiful winged women that lured sailors to the rocky coastline of Hawai’i – but it’s not.  It’s about the other sirens… like the one… Continue reading

Cooking in other people’s kitchens

This holiday season, EJ and I are in Hawaii.  We arrived on Christmas day.  And rather than come home and take a shower to relax – we immediately started cooking the holiday dinner… Continue reading

WPC: Warmth of Hawaii

I’m sitting in a t-shirt in the kitchen as I type this.  Mug of coffee in hand – I’m wondering if my next cup should be an iced coffee because I’m already starting… Continue reading