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Vegas brings out the inner rockstar

Las Vegas always amazes me in that it can bring out the rockstar in the each of us. Those leather hot pants you’ve always wanted to wear? Not an issue. That sequined coat… Continue reading

Vegas: $20 for a $2 bowl of noodles

And you know what?  You’ll savor each and every bite. Vegas is known for it’s food.  It’s a foodie heaven… but not so much for your pocketbook.  I’ve had some of the most… Continue reading

Las Vegas – Unlimited

Unlimited food, drinks, gambling, friends, sights to see, places to shop, performances to experience; Las Vegas is excessive.  I think that’s part of the lure to place – our daily lives don’t allow… Continue reading

Las Vegas – Food

Travel = food.  There’s something special about trying the local cuisine – where ever you are. I’ve decided that even if I had a full week and an unlimited budget, I still wouldn’t… Continue reading

Las Vegas – USA Rugby 7s

I think that the HSBC Rugby 7s tournament series is one of the best spectator sports events.  It’s about the atmosphere, how even a rugby newbie can follow the fast paced games, the… Continue reading