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My Waistline Expands: Poland

My original goal for this last trip was to “eat healthy most of the time”.  Well, that idea went out the window when I got to Poland. This is the second installment of… Continue reading

WPC: Between Fences

On my recent trip to Germany and Poland, I realized that there were a few places that I would not want to be in between when history was being made. My first is… Continue reading

Need more sugar

Make lemonade out of lemons.  Well, sometimes you got plenty of lemons and not enough sugar.  Krakow to Prague has been a test of patience, trust and sleep deprivation. 1.30pm:  Panic sets in.… Continue reading

Travel Theme: Fresh Food

I always try to eat in season, even when I’m traveling.  Of course, I want to try the foods that the region is famous for – but having a fresh meal is always… Continue reading

Warsaw: Good PR Firm needed

Warsaw needs a better PR firm.  Every account that I skimmed through basically said that this town was a bit drab and not worth a lot of time. Immediately upon disembarking the train… Continue reading

Express train to Warsaw

I was silly to think that the Express train to Warsaw would be ‘direct’.  It’s not that I didn’t expect stops…. It’s that I was just thinking in straight lines. Look at any… Continue reading

Visualizing being Relaxed

The finish line has been crossed.  The cabin doors are closed, the phone is off and I’m on my way! The last few days have been frantic as I’ve worked mad hours at… Continue reading

Getting in the mood

For better or worse, I’m getting into the mood of my upcoming vacation (or holiday, for the rest of you).    What I mean by this statement is that I suddenly want to sleep… Continue reading