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Diving past my Ego & Fears

Last weekend, a girlfriend & I ran away from our normal lives and leaped into deep waters. Now that she’s up in SF, we don’t get to see each other all that often –… Continue reading

Returning to my getaway

Yesterday, EJ and I boarded the ferry in Long Beach to Catalina. Today, was the yearly Catalina Grand Fondo where we were both signed up the the 41 mile race.  Since I was… Continue reading

Stuck in Traffic – The Brighter Side

I last wrote about getting stuck in LA traffic… today driving back to San Diego was no different.  This time we were gridlocked driving out of LA and found ourselves at a standstill in Orange… Continue reading

Island Getaway

Originally, EJ and I had planned to get away for my birthday weekend by going down to Cabo San Lucas.  But between just coming back from Hawaii, leaving for Chicago this Tuesday and… Continue reading

Destination Races

Kind of like destination weddings, just with a lot more sweat. Over the last few years, I’ve gotten more and more into destination half marathons.  Gone are the days that my knees can continuously… Continue reading

16hrs in LA

People either love or hate Los Angeles. This city has so much to offer, but I certainly sigh with relief every time I leave it (kind of like Vegas). This time, one of… Continue reading

Running away from it all

Anyone that knows me in person knows I’m not one to shy away from a challenge and that I’m really good a navigating through difficult times. But this weekend I threw in the… Continue reading

Big Bear Mountain Biking

For a place known for it’s winter skiing – Big Bear is really getting known for it’s fun mountain biking. A few years back, EJ & I started to frequent Big Bear, CA… Continue reading

Camping food – Upgraded

I love camping.  And camping usually means cheese injected hot dogs, potato chips and too many smores.  This usually leaves me feeling a little tired (nope, it’s not just the cold night), bloated… Continue reading

Camping with Mom

Me: “I love getting away for Memorial weekend.  It really signifies the beginning of summer and lots of fun trips that EJ & I have planned.” Mom: “Yes, it does.  But if you… Continue reading