Walk of Shame (Halloween Style)

We’ve all done the walk of shame at one point or another in our lives.  We partied too much the night before, slept somewhere and either needed to walk or cab it back home.… Continue reading

Who’s fault is it anyways?

   And does it even matter? Today, I was standing in line to board the plane. This was the casual part of board, we’re all just standing around before the ‘crush’ to board… Continue reading

Why I love (most) hotel beds

I love my husband, I love my dog, I love our house, I LOVE sleeping in (most) hotel beds. Yes, it’s true.  I’ve spent plenty of time on lumpy hotel mattresses where the… Continue reading

“Safe Travels”

What do people really mean when they say this?? I don’t want to sound like a snot, discarding someone’s well wishes… but is this a saying that’s antiquated? I understand that in years past,… Continue reading

Palomar Mtn Hiking and Apple Festival

There’s something special about waking up when it’s dark, jumping in the car and knowing that a day outdoors is in your near future. Yesterday, Mom and I did just that.  We grabbed… Continue reading

Girl’s Weekend in Catalina

I was at work, rummaging in the refrigerator, hoping that I had forgotten something good to eat for a morning snack (no such luck), when a female co-worker came up behind me and… Continue reading

Diving past my Ego & Fears

Last weekend, a girlfriend & I ran away from our normal lives and leaped into deep waters. Now that she’s up in SF, we don’t get to see each other all that often –… Continue reading

A little stir crazy…

Yep.  That’s me… no immediate travel. One of my projects got canceled abruptly… and that means a lot of the travel associated with it has now been canceled as well.  Add this to… Continue reading

WPC: Today Was a Good Day

This week’s photo challenge helps me relive a good day AND try out a new application.  (love it!) I have so many good days in my life, it was hard to pick just… Continue reading

Vacation’s Resolutions

This morning, I’m sitting in the kitchen, drinking my coffee, listening to the roosters crow and the world wake up.  Things are quiet here in Ahuimanu.  No road lights, no track homes, no… Continue reading