Sunny Sunday Somewhere – Las Vegas

This sunny Sunday somewhere is brought to you from the entertainment capital of Las Vegas, Nevada…. And it is a bit of a cheater. Since it’s exactly not pool weather today, our sunny… Continue reading

Not waiting for the Golden Years

If I was 100% fiscally responsible adult, I wouldn’t travel as much as I do.  I often read longingly at other blogs where fellow travelers have clearly have the time to travel; deeply… Continue reading

Sunny Sunday Somewhere – Hwy 101

This sunny Sunday somewhere is brought to you from Highway 101, Solana Beach, California. The mid-January warm weather had us heading to the beach for breakfast burritos and sand between our toes (and… Continue reading

Living life like the other half

Sometimes it’s nice to pretend like you live life like the other half… I had the pleasure of visiting LA & the Riviera County Club today.  This place was so swanky – they… Continue reading

Girl’s guide to USA Rugby Sevens

January means USA Rugby Sevens in Las Vegas.   This year a girlfriend of mine is tagging along – and she has no idea what she’s in store for… To top it off –… Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions – Gastronomical Success!

So far, I’m sticking to my New Year’s resolution to explore more when I travel.  After going to the same chain restaurants, in the same little area on a monthly basis for the… Continue reading

Sunny Sunday Somewhere

This sunny Sunday somewhere is brought to you from Mission Beach, California. Today we took advantage of the nice weather to bike to the local dive bar to watch playoff games, see friends… Continue reading

Travel Planning – (sometimes) just as fun as being there!

While sipping on my post-bike ride beer today – I looked around the table and smiled as I saw my friends talking excitedly about an upcoming trip through the San Juan Hut System. … Continue reading

Sleep vs. Exercise – A traveler’s dilemma

Here’s a typical scenario – I’ve flown east (which I like the least) for a one day trip and I’ve got a little extra time in the morning before my day starts.  Being… Continue reading

New Year, New way to travel

Years ago, I vowed to use my passport at least once a year.  Since I live right next to Mexico, my qualifier is that Mexico and Canada don’t count… and so far, I’ve… Continue reading