Warm Water Snorkeling

When EJ & I decided that we wanted to go to Key West for a long weekend – the first thing I did was book us on a sailboat to take us out… Continue reading

Kayaking in Mangroves

Easily put: mosquitoes. Ok, ok… It was actually a lot of fun. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t walk away without battle wounds!! After talking to a local, Key West Eco Tours was recommended… Continue reading

Brand Loyalty… good or bad?

  I’ll admit it – I’m a brand loyalist.  And I’ll admit that I have a lot of guilt writing this post… I’ve been brought up not to complain. I think my love for… Continue reading

Walking in Miami

This last visit to Miami – I’ve been a terrible tourist. I mostly stayed in my hotel for meetings, when I went out for dinners it was always within walking distance and I… Continue reading

24 hrs in San Francisco

Today, I’m off to Maimi. But yesterday was a prefect day to fly up and see an old girlfriend that now lives in San Francisco. Sometimes you don’t need oodles of time in… Continue reading

Summertime Travel

  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m flying Southwest this morning or because it’s an early Saturday… But summertime travel seems to be in full swing.  Summertime travel seems to be soooo different… Continue reading

Travels poorly with others

I’ll admit it.  I don’t travel that well with others… and it was painfully evident on this last trip. In my defense, I usually travel alone.  I listen to my own needs, have… Continue reading

On getting older and too much good food…

  Ok, ok, I’ll admit it.  My body is not quite what it used to be. I recover a little slower from hard workouts, my bruises stick around for longer, washboard abs are no longer… Continue reading

Canceling a getaway…

Friday, I did something I’ve never done before: canceled my getaway plans.  For the long weekend, EJ, mom and I were supposed to go up to Big Bear to go camping, hike and… Continue reading

Returning to my getaway

Yesterday, EJ and I boarded the ferry in Long Beach to Catalina. Today, was the yearly Catalina Grand Fondo where we were both signed up the the 41 mile race.  Since I was… Continue reading