WPC: Forces of Nature – Volcano

Living in San Diego, I have many photos of the ocean… and I was convinced that big waves would be my topic for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge. But then I came across… Continue reading

Morning Running…

I noticed on my last trip, that I have no problems running in the morning before my day starts. Work travel or fun travel… No issues.   But for some reason, I can’t… Continue reading

Ugh… Driving to L.A. again…

Ok – I’ll say it.  I hate driving to Los Angeles… again.  The traffic.  The congestion.  The sitting on my butt for hours.  My tight hips…and I’m headed back up tomorrow. Between a… Continue reading

Traveling and Eating Clean

Let me start out by stating that I’m not one of those crazy Californians that eats no carbs, only organics and is a vegan. But I am one of those people that have… Continue reading

Waiting & Watching…

Traveling takes us to great places. We get to experience wonderful things. And it comes with A LOT of waiting. Waiting to get through TSA, waiting to grab that cup of coffee, waiting… Continue reading

Pre-race observations 

I’m sitting in my car waiting for the race to start. I’m watching people get ready for the race… Some are stretching, others are doing a proper warm up, some a playing wih… Continue reading

Desert Bloom

I’ll admit it, I’m no horticulturists. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not completely enjoying the spring bloom while here in Sedona.  More about all the mountain biking that we’re doing later… Walking… Continue reading

Stuck in Traffic – The Brighter Side

I last wrote about getting stuck in LA traffic… today driving back to San Diego was no different.  This time we were gridlocked driving out of LA and found ourselves at a standstill in Orange… Continue reading

Driving in LA

I hate driving in Los Angeles. It crawls. Sometimes it doesn’t even move.  According to the Internet, LA is #3 in the world when it comes to congestion and traffic. Ugh. And there… Continue reading

Traveling and Getting Sick

 Getting sick is the pits.  Getting sick when you’re on the road is even worse.   Today, I had a series of meetings with people that I had flown out to see.  I… Continue reading